Alerwood sits in the Northwest corner of the main continent of Awtheri. Alerwood has remained mostly untouched by the great civilizations that have dominated the region. An early attempt by the Dwarves of the Kingdom of Rha’Driz to log the forest created a prolonged conflict between the Dwarves and the Alerian Elves. This war is now historically known as The War of Trees.

Due to it’s long history of minimal development, Alerwood is ancient and plays host to a large number of wild species, many of which are rare or nonexistent elsewhere. In the north, a series of long peninsulas are prominent. Their origins are unknown, with theories ranging from natural to arcane. In the middle of Alerwood flows the Aler River. The Aler is nearly two miles across at it’s widest, and almost 25 miles long, making it among the largest in Awtheri. The rivers Ufe and Ousk join to form the Aler.

Elves are the dominant sentient species of Alerwood. Known as Alerian Elves, these locals tend to be xenophobic, and completely dedicated to protecting their homeland. They have been known to refer to themselves as one nation, which they call Aleria.

Other sentient species which exist in any sizable populations are Kobolds and the Kitsune. The Kobolds largely live in tribes and occasionally prove troublesome for traders or others who wander the woods. The Kitsune live in small clans, and never live in the same place long. Very few have actually seen their elusive villages, or even the Kitsune themselves.

Alerwood is home to five large cities: Aleris, Yfoure, Syfet, Ollouli, and Eloiqi.

Aleris is the largest of the five, host city of the Aleramoot when it convenes. It is located where the Rivers Ufe and Ousk join to create the Aler River.

Yfoure is the smallest city, located in the north. It is mostly sustained by fishing, but is also a popular travel desitnation for followers of Gozreh, thanks to it’s close proximity to the home temple for The Order of the Leaf.

Syfet is a medium sized city located where the Aler River feeds into the Empty Sea. It is the primary location for exports and imports.

Ollouli is located at the base of the deep mountains on the River Ousk. It’s home to a large transient population looking to find minerials in the shallows of the Ousk, or others looking to make a living in the wilderness of Alerwood.

Eloiqi is a bustling, rambling city of moderate size. It is situated at the mouth of The High Road the only (above ground) road from the southern lands of the United Deic Republic to Alerwood through The Deep Mountains.

Many other small villages and towns exist scattered throughout Alerwood, many accessible only by rough trails or hidden roads in the forest. Some aren’t connected to any travel network at all.


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