Cayden's Den


A filthy, unorganized, and rough port city. A favorite home of pirates, smugglers, and mercenaries. The city is grudgingly allowed its existence due to ideal position for importing goods from across the Shallow Sea, as well as for it’s role as the holy city for Cayden Cailean. As such it remains one of five ports in UDR where immigration is permitted.


Mostly Humans and Halflings, also tends to be home to Half-orcs, Ratfolk, Tengus, and the occasional member of a more exotic race.

Notable Locations

1. Harbor Master’s House/Office
2. Cayden’s Cup
3. The Captain’s Daughter
4. UDR Immigration Office
5. Torag’s Hammer
6. Milab’s
7. The Sunken Sailor Inn
8. Bradert’s Meat Market
9. The Dragon’s Flame
10. Sigburz’s Maps and Books
11. The Pale Blossom
12. UDR Military Offices
13. The Speedy Mare
14. High Priest’s House/Office
15. Good Goods
16. Cayden’s Madiens
17. Golden Whale Inn
18. Mik’s Adventuring Goods
20. Wide Net Company
21. Cailean Crusaders

Cayden's Den

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